Bow Common, London (2002)
Bow Common, London (2002) I do wonder if the stonemasons who chiselled out those words also had a wee chuckle.
Isle of Dogs, London (2001)
Isle of Dogs, London (2001) High winds removed one of this poster’s sheets, and created an amazing confluence of visuals.
Villamoura, Portugal (2003)
Villamoura, Portugal (2003) Remember the BSE crisis? If you don’t, this one won’t mean anything to you. But it sure was topical back in 2003.
Gomshall, Surrey (2002)
Gomshall, Surrey (2002) Spotted this witty blackboard on the way home from my very first freelance gig.
Clapton, London (2013)
Clapton, London (2013) Perhaps children don’t need space, after all.
Chigwell, Essex (2010)
Chigwell, Essex (2010) Just imagine the match. Bats versus men. What a hoot.
Abbess Roding, Essex (2003)
Abbess Roding, Essex (2003) Was it a genuine accident? Or a mischievous passer-by with a mallet?
Harrow (2002)
Harrow (2002) An unfortunate collision of words welcomes the new arrivals.
Wembley, London (2002)
Wembley, London (2002) I take my hat off to the individual who saw this subliminal farewell in a shop sign. Clever.

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