Welcome to my new blog. But in 2018, need I have bothered?

    In short, no I needn’t have.

    Bothered, I mean (just in case you’ve already been distracted by some tweet or Facebook post).

    Indeed, many more established bloggers than I (this guy for example) have long since hung up their opinions, rather than continue to air them to ever-decreasing audiences.

    Of course, lots of bloggers still thrive, and some are invincible.

    There are the industry greats, whose reputations were formed long before their blogs. One-man brands like Dave Trott and Seth Godin. And there’s the ‘too big to fail’ crowd, such as Ads of the World – more a portfolio of current, and a repository of historic ads than a blog. Not to mention the age-old, in media terms anyway, Adland which rose out of the Badland ashes in 1996.

    Opinion on Google is inconclusive. Search ‘should I start a blog in 2018’ and the results are awash with encouragement (‘5 Reasons to Start…etc’). But most of that positivity comes from sites pushing blogging services. And even the negative headlines (‘Starting a blog in 2018? Don’t.’) are essentially clickbait from yet more blogging services – a sector which certainly seems alive and well.

    In such uncertain times for this medium’s future, should I have bothered to start a blog? Well, I’ve just passed the 200-word mark, which in these days of brevity at all costs, qualifies as a lengthy post.

    So, watch this space.

    Back to blog...


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